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Specific Building Supply

Delevery or Build from Alu-Frame Buildings -Buildings-houses-Office Containers;
1.- Price quotation : is net , without vat and no mounting.
(mounting = setup cost; is separately quoted)
If set-up by gtc, transport is mostly included.(look detailed offer)

1b.Validity of offer: each offer is max valid up to 6 weeks from offer date, and only after our final confirmation.             
2.- Deleverytime : 4-8 weeks, after entry from order/initial payment.

3.- Warranty: 2 years on construction faults;
(damage, organised not from gtc , is no warranty).

4.- Payment: 50% at order
- 50% , 10 days before delevery .
- In case set up is done by GTC :
*  45%/10 days before delevery ; + 5% when building is setup/finished) 
*  Att : Last 5% must be reserved on separate bank account. (open for discussion)

5.- Delevery : from our factory/warehouse  Belgium/or/Poland/or/India  ;
Transport calculated from Belgium  up to place of delevery.

6.- Vat: 21% on all Belgium deleveries , and outside belgium deleveries if no valid VAT number.
7.- VAT for outside countries: pls give valid VAT number.

8.- In case, setup is done from GTC : 
a/ send us short description of the set up place /area.
b/ send pictures from set up areal
c/ short description of the basement territory 
d/ Before Set up , the territory must be: 
- free from all obstacles;  .
- normal accessible by truck 
- Area must be nice, clean and flat;    .
- type of territory :(earth/grass/asfalt/concrete  ?)
- Around the tent, area must be minimal 0.5 m to be FREE XXXX .
e/ Setup cannot happen, when weather conditions defend working .
(extreme rain / snow / freezing temperatures)
f/ Fixing of the Hall/Storage unit can be done , with steelcables and pins (1 m drilling in ground)
; or with chemical ancers in existing concrete (min 15 cm thicness)
 or concrete blocks:  50x50(tents upto 10m width);100x100cm(tents more than 10 m width);
(attention: asfalt is not a good fixing material, concrete if thickness ok, no problem)
9.Validity of this offer:  6 weeks